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  • nameplate

    How to make nameplate from waste cardboard

    Handmade Nameplates are always easy to make. If you are using waste materials like cardboard and tissue papers then it is even easier. In this video we have made one such beautiful yet easy to […] More

  • mini vase

    How to make a mini vase

    Made a mini vase of dvd discs for decorative purposes. Crafts from the discs are different, but today we do vazochku. This craft will be interesting to do with children, it’s very simple and fast. […] More

  • wall hanging

    How to wall hanging craft idea

    This wall hanging can be hung in the hall or in the bedroom. It covers a lot of space and can be rearranged in multiple ways. This home decor can be made just packaging cardboards, […] More

  • vase from a newspaper and rice

    How to make a vase from a newspaper and rice

    How to make a vase from a newspaper and rice Make The Pipes From Newspaper Strips By Rolling It. Make As Much As Possible. Now Make Two Rings From The Newspaper Pipes Using A Bottle. […] More

  • bangle stand

    How to make a bangle stand

    Bangle holder crafts look attractive. They are easy to make using waste materials. In this video we have made very creative and easy best out of waste bangle organiser craft that anyone can make at […] More