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  • How to make lily

    How to make lily

    Today I come to you with the work of quilling. Did this work as a gift for the anniversary of the Pope, it is we love lilies. Composition: 5 flowers and 2 buds, leaves. Flowers […] More

  • How to make daisies from bead

    Weave Color Beaded One of the most popular destinations in the beading. These flowers will never wither, and the flower bouquets and arrangements will serve as an excellent decoration of the interior needlewoman! In this […] More

  • delicate flower of crepe paper

    How to make delicate flower of crepe paper

    Such gentle flower can make each of the crepe paper. It is very easy and fast way For the manufacture of such a flower will need: – crepe paper pink – dry glitter – button […] More

  • How to make quilling flower

    Hello, dear fans of quilling! This time I did not exotic, but our family and all your favorite flowers vasilechki! So, my composition consists of the nth (lost count!) Number of cornflowers. They have two […] More

  • How to make crape paper flower

    How to make crape paper flower. Let’s start.. Carte Fini floral crepe paper in desired colors (about a quarter roll per flower), hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors and a circular base plate. The […] More

  • bulk embroidery stump work

    How to bulk embroidery stump work

    Bulk embroidery (stumpwork), as it turns out, is very rare in our country type of needlework. materials: – a piece of the base fabric (cotton batiste white for me). You can use any plain weave […] More

  • orchid flower

    Fancy crepe paper orchid flower

    Grab pieces of crepe paper and create you own fancy orchid flower. Your final product can be arranged as suggested in the last part of this video or you can set up a cascading style […] More

  • How to make flower fairies from egg carton boxes

    I am also really happy because I’ve been invited to present a tutorial about creative recycling, and that’s definitely one of my favorite artistic topics. There are a lot of recyclable materials out there, but […] More