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  • kitchen roll holder with paper straws

    kitchen roll holder with paper straws

    Hello, friends, we continue with the straws of paper and this time I propose a nice kitchen roll holder. If the roll is not placed in its proper place she runs throughout the kitchen, at […] More

  • delicate flower of crepe paper

    How to make delicate flower of crepe paper

    Such gentle flower can make each of the crepe paper. It is very easy and fast way For the manufacture of such a flower will need: – crepe paper pink – dry glitter – button […] More

  • How to make magical mosaic box

    Make painted mosaic boxes with a little paint and glitter. A fun way to upcycle old boxes and frames. I used an old shoe box, a cheese box and an Ikea frame for this project. […] More

  • decorative tea-light andle holder

    How to make decorative tea-light andle holder

    Festivals in India are marked by bright lights. Festivals like Dusshera and Diwali spiritually signify the victory of good over evil by manifesting as light over darkness. These candles are known as Diyas and can […] More

  • gift card technique of carving art

    How to make gift card technique of carving art

    An unusual and pleasant gift can be such card carved, made in the technique of carving art. Roses, “blooming” in the wings original goal, give them the ease and tenderness. But the very form of […] More

  • autumn waltz postcard

    How to make autumn waltz postcard

    There was a beautiful autumn time. This is the time when the light of sunset almost merges with multicolored leaves and how to illuminate them from within. And it seems that it is the sun […] More