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  • without makeup

    How to feel beautiful without makeup

    I’m so excited to share this video with you, since it’s so important to feel beautiful without makeup. You can follow these easy steps to look polished in the morning for work or school. More

  • variations of a kurti kameez

    Different variations of a kurti kameez

    Kurti’s are always a go-to for most Indian women because they are comfortable, versatile, and elegant. Here are different types of kurtis Designs and styling tips that you should know. … it can fall flat. […] More

  • dark circles

    Remove dark circles overnight

    Apply vitamin e night cream every night on your face and wake up with smooth skin daily. vitamin e for skin whitening is best natural remedy to get the glowing and bright skin. Vitamin e […] More

  • Myanmar costume

    Myanmar costume front design

    Each country, each nation owns a traditional outfit which expresses its own culture, habits, and lifestyle. While the traditional clothing of Vietnam is Ao Dai (long dress), of Thailand, is Phasin, of The Philippines, is […] More

  • nighty

    How to make a nighty

    In this video i will teach you how to make a nighty at home. Watch this easy step by step video tutorial to do it yourself DIY More

  • kurtis designs

    Types of kurtis we all love to wear

    Kurtis is the saviours for Office warriors. Kurtis is the best and most comfortable thing you can wear to work. They look absolutely gorgeous and classier than most outfits. You can be carefree and carry […] More