Colorful cloth flowers for every room and every purpose


What do you need

  • 25 cm of colorful cotton cloth (approximately – 25 flowers)
  • Scissors for deriving fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • thick thread
  • Needle


Step one: we cut the fabric oval shape, they really do not have to be exact, each circle shape do a wonderful job. Recommended cut 25 ovals of each coloursStep two: fold the oval in the middle and with a gun –

Step two: fold the oval in the middle and with a gun – little glue exactly at the center fold

Basically, you can sew with a sewing machine to the edges of the oval top, but a glue gun makes life easier significantly shortens process

Step Three : Once the center of the ellipse drizzled glue, fold back the fabric, this time to the other side, while we pinch the center of the ellipse forming the shape of a flower


Step Four: repeat steps 2 and 3 until we have a nice pile of colorful flowers


Step Five: Using a needle and thread – the needle vertically from the center of the flower into it so that the thread will be the center of the flower from the bottom to the top.
It is important to plot a little below each flower after threading the cord so as not to fall down.
Some flowers will be all wire and wire length of course up to you, Each and every taste.
Step six: pull one thread in a horizontal ceiling or window sill, or indeed anywhere elected – which will be for us a thread hanging flowers and vertically hung from wires that weave our flowers