In this video, I’m going to showing you how to do a Manicure at home(no machine/tool) using natural products.

Beautiful manicure just gives elegant feeling, Are you planning to go Salon for Manicure?

Here is the DIY, manicure at home(no machine/tool) using natural products that will save your money and time.

This easy step by step tutorial of Manicure at home using natural products will give the salon like manicure at home.

Steps to do manicure at home
1. Soak and scrub
2. Cleaning and trimming
3. Hand Pack
4. Moisturize
5. Paint your Nails.

If you are having the right tools and essentials, you can only give yourself a beautiful manicure at home.

Every alternate day gives your nails a top base coat which will help to maintain your manicure.