This doll is specially designed for the decoration of home

Since everyone is so busy nowadays, there is no time to think about doing crafts at home. The only time we do craft is when our kids bring some school projects to do at home. If at all if we need anything to decorate our home, we go straight to some fancy shops; pick and buy one of the many beautiful things stacked up on their store rack. What an easy way to decorate!

Now back to my old story! One day I was thinking about the various craft projects that I did when I was young, which gave me an idea to re-create those things and post it here. So I visited the same craft store, where I used to buy things 20 years back! The shop was still there with the little bit of added modern touch to it. Luckily I bought most the craft items that I needed to create my crafts including foam dress for dolls, home decors, wall hangings, flower vases etc. I’ll post these things one by one as soon as I complete them.

First one in this series is “Dressing up a doll using Foam Sheets”! Don’t be confused with the title. Below, I’ve included two images of a doll before and after adding the foam dress.

Now let’s see how it is done in few easy steps:

Materials needed:

1. Doll, any size of your preference. (Here my doll’s height is approx. 10 inches.)

2. Foam Sheets color of your choice.

3. Colorful beads or any glittery things like stones for decorating the dress.

4. Glue and pins.

5. Needle, Thread, and Scissor.


1. Hold the doll in the upright position and measure the height from its hip to toe. Here in my case, it is 5 inches.

2. Now take the foam sheet and unfold it. Cut a square with a diagonal measuring double the size the doll’s hip – to – the height. Here, in this case, diagonal measures 10 inches since the hip -to – the height is equal to 5 inches. (It is the hypotenuse if you fold the square in half diagonally, forming a right-angled triangle.)

3. We need 6 of such foam squares for one doll.

4. Now fold the square in half diagonally and stitch the ends with a help of needle and thread like in the following figure.

Now join all the six squares by holding and stitching together one outer layer from one square with one outer layer from other squares. Now join these two with the third square and then these three with the last one. See the image below.

Now for the finishing touch, pick some beads or stones and glue them or pin them wherever the stitches are visible. Also, decorate the tops with few beads by using your imagination. Below is the finished Doll.