How to make electric guitar shape key chain

electric guitar shape key chain

Necessary materials and tools:

– polymer clay (purple, black and white);

– Acrylic paint (black and white);

– cardboard;

– scissors;

– knife for plastics (or clerical);

– varnish for plastics (in the master class used yachts);

– pin;

– toothpick;

– blank for the key fob;

– A piece of stiff wire (I used an old hook).

Photo №1

electric guitar shape key chain

1. Prepare the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar stencil. You can print it or draw it directly from the monitor. Pay attention, that it is necessary to draw not only a guitar outline but also an overlay on the case, pickups, a bridge, buttons, a neck and frets on a fretboard.

2. Roll a layer of violet clay about two millimeters thick. Take a piece of wire and put it on the clay. Insert the wire with a handle or a special acrylic roller.

3. Attach the stencil. Press it with your fingers.

4. Cut out the guitar with a knife. If the clay is soft and deformed under the fingers, then put it for a few minutes in the fridge or freezer.

Photo number 2

electric guitar shape key chain

1. Cut off the stencil neck. Attach the guitar body to the clay.

2. Cut out the case.

3. Attach the body of clay to the guitar. Be careful with the edges.

4. Similarly, cut the neck and the head (it is not in the photo). Bake the billet in an aero grill or oven. The baking temperature you can see on the package with clay.

Picture №3

electric guitar shape key chain

1. Cut out the stencil from the stencil onto the body. Put it on a thin layer of white clay.

2. Cut out the overlay. Prepare two pickups and one bridge. In the photo – these are three identical in size black rectangle.

3. Screw the screw pin into the housing. You can even insert a pin and a loop into the body before baking. Attach a cardboard vulture to the guitar and cut it with a knife (this can also be done before baking).

4. Stick the overlay and to its pickups, bridge. If there are irregularities between the violet layers, then it’s time to fix them. Bake the guitar again. Draw black pencils with black paint.

Photo number 4

electric guitar shape key chain

1. To make frets, cover the fretboard first with white paint.

2. Then either remove the raw paint with a cotton disc or a rag or wait until the paint has dried and removed it with a knife.

Cover the guitar with varnish (I used shipboard) and attach a blank for the key fob to it. Done!

electric guitar shape key chain

electric guitar shape key chain

courtesy: simplecraftidea

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