How to make shelf for magazines

“I do not want to clean away your favorite magazines, look then … Well, when everything is close at hand, and at the same time in a heap. And the place? Where do I get a place? … But there is also a balcony and a wall. Here something like this, I thought, examining the next foot logs. and the idea was born to do just such a shelf and place it on the balcony.
 Shelf for magazines
To do this, I took 2 stand from IKEA magazines, glued them together. For the decorations used cardboard circle (it can be glued together from cardboard). Circle draping cloth soaked in PVA, put on the center shelf of the future.Dries sutki.Dalee gruntuem all together and give dry. We cover the white acrylic enamel, then do dekupazh.Nanosim background.
 Shelf for magazines
Now we need a small jar of yogurt, white decorative ribbons, round mirror and a clothesline for its decoration .Banochku draping cloth just as it did with krugom.Tesmu glue on the edge of our shelves, mirror -to the left edge of the circle, and fill all the ropes the right side of the circle.
 Shelf for magazines
Ropes paint with acrylic paints, depicting a rainbow.
Jar and decorate decoupage glue inside the circle. Lime paint a slightly tinted background braid and the whole shelf.Finally, cover with acrylic lacquer, make a composition of dried flowers and glue ladybugs
 Shelf for magazines
Shelf ready and took his place on the wall of the balcony.
 Shelf for magazines
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