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How to make sweet basket

How to make sweet basket

I do not know the truth if it is needed.

When did your first basket, could not find MK weaving,

I found only one picture which shows a basket made of cream from a syringe.

By the same principle, I made a basket, and then, and the basket,

and recently I began to look and is not so little MC weaving baskets.

Therefore, if necessary, in my MC will not, then I will remove it. And so, enjoy!

To start collect and align our cake. I have a honey cake, roundness Bochkov I gave via crumbs with butter and condensed milk and then covered with a cream ganache. I do not know how much I have right ganache, I did it with dark chocolate and 10% cream. in the proportion of 2 parts to 1 part chocolate cream. Ganache cover is desirable, as work long and easy oil cream melts quickly enough and work hard.

Next Kata long sausages height or a little more of our cake. Sausages should be an even number.
We cover these sausages our cake at a short distance from each other. for convenience can be divided into sectors, then the sector is divided in half and in small spaces have expanded the remaining sausages.
So we packed all our long sausages
Next Kata stubby sausages, hot dogs
and this is how we stack our sausages in a row
following a series of staggered
obkladyvayut our entire cake in such a way
That’s what you end up with.
And decorate to your liking.
And finally, another cake)
courtesy: filosofyfree

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