Knitted clutch

Hello. It has long been noticed yet beautiful clutch, but did not get around to do it. Then solved, but there is a question: what to strengthen, how to fasten a button to it to be seen, they make pens, etc. Now I share with you how I made my first clutch.


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Cloth (used crepe satin) 25 * 70 cm folded in half turned a rectangle the size of the knitted fabric, and sew with 2 sides, so as to have the pocket.


From plastic coasters hot cut a rectangle the size of the knitted cloth and put in the pocket of the padding.

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Insert one half so that a magnetic button with the other hand to be seen padding “legs” key (as will be more accurately and in a knit fabric will not show through, even if it is not as dense as in this case, and openwork). Knitted fabric and sew a lining. Pocket is not sutured, and stabs


Knit side cover. Sewed them lining (optional). Sewn to the clutch.

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Insert 2w mate Button, the example of a place when applying the upper valve.

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Sews chain. In order to make it looked neat, we catch a thread loop back for the chain, then the seam will not be seen. Sutured “pocket” a hidden seam.


Clutch is ready.


But I’m from the category of those who “I would be the same, but with pearl buttons,” so brought his own – sheathed beads: black and transparent contour and large holes on the top flap.

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