Good all the “time of day” !!!
Well, finally, we herringbone “desktop” with her ​​daughter dressed up !!! Floor it has long been worth it … think, think … of what would Make a Paper Christmas Tree, too many here had seen all sorts of interesting ….  
In the meantime, How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree height of 30 cm, made ​​of colored paper for pastels, think of cardboard can also be done.

Make a Paper Christmas Tree

How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree

Make a Paper Christmas Tree

Cone Christmas trees, we turned out of cardboard . As the barrel …. stick to sushi … handy!
Nabil cone mint newsprint taped bottom.
Paper cut into strips width 1,5-2sm. Then cut diagonally – got a lot of diamond shapes of different colors.


Each diamond – tip twisted “pencil”


That’s how a lot !!!


Began to glue the lower tier of Christmas trees …
Christmas trees planted in a jar until the pot … something else is not contrived …


and then the cone more rounded and poorly glued our diamonds, they’re straight …
MEND – again “pencil”, only this time round up the other side that will be glued to the base herringbone …


Soooo … went better !!!


Went even faster when the leaves began to glue on silicone sealant transparent!
Well … not boo me …. I know that glue gun would be better and easier … If it were …
Pistol I do not have … Only in my dreams ..
But cutter … appeared simultaneously with “myocardial infarction” husband …. any way he does not understand – why me paper cutter nicer clothes and jewelry …
Well … you then me See?

Make a Paper Christmas Tree

That leaves dokleili all-twigs. By the way, Mashunya liked “round out” their “pencil”

Make a Paper Christmas Tree

So … Christmas tree planted in a pot – try on … suitable!
sticked pink pearl beads, top sprocket, and our Christmas Tree is almost ready!

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