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How to make astry flower jewellery

How to make astry flower jewelry
astry flower jewellery
For work, we need:
– plastic yellow and light purple (in my case it Cernit)
– rubber gloves (so our work will be neat and clean as if you do not wash their hands still remain micro dust particles to plastic )
– pasta machine (noodle cutting)
– manicure scissors
– pliers
– the blade or knife stationery (very spicy)
– sponge (or foam)
– toothpicks 3 pcs.
– Super glue
– shvenzy 2 pcs.
– Shtivty 2 pcs.
– The basis for the ring
– oven (not microwave!)
astry flower jewellery
astry flower jewellery
Before we get started it is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of your workplace and be sure to work in rubber gloves.Uncomfortable, but the beauty demands victims.
From yellow plastic, we need to generate the middle of a first rolling ball.
astry flower jewellery
then do the similarity drops
astry flower jewellery
and a toothpick gently makes deep holes 1.5mm – 2mm.
astry flower jewellery
Well, middle, and ready!
astry flower jewellery
Now thoroughly mash our plastic light lilac color and laminating it on the pasta machine on №7.
astry flower jewellery
This thickness is enough to flower seemed delicate, fragile and yet it was easy to cut strips on the “fringe.”
We had a “pancake”, which should be cut into horizontal strips width of approximately 2 cm (2.5, you can see), and how long will (I have about 10 cm strips +/- centimeter).
astry flower jewellery
Now, on these strips gently, slowly, small scissors cut into the fringe. The thinner strips of fringe, the more beautiful will aster.
astry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewelleryastry flower jewellery
Fringe is ready and we form a flower. Gently seeding are wrapped many times on how you see fit. On this will depend on how much will be your fluffy aster. Each layer is slightly above the previous wrap.
astry flower jewellery
It’s not hard, I think you get if desired.
astry flower jewellery
It is necessary to make three asters, one of them bigger because we will do it ring. Our asters are almost ready, so they do not get crushed, we nanism them on a toothpick and insert into the sponge.
astry flower jewellery
The next step, we send our sponge with flowers in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. This is to make it easier with the plastic work.
Our asters cooled down, and we can now insert shtivty in future earrings. At this stage, the pliers will help us. For reliability shtivty grease super glue, so they will definitely be hard to hold on.
astry flower jewellery
Then a sharp blade, trim the excess. If the blade is not sharp enough, you can strain the product when cutting. Slice smeared all remove irregularities.
astry flower jewellery
Take a basis for the ring grease super glue and glue the flower aster (the one that is a little more). We give him a good dry.
astry flower jewellery
Now roll out a small piece of plastic on a light purple color pasta machine at №8.
Cut a small strip width should be about 1.5 cm length of 3 cm. And applying this piece and gently combine with the flower, cut off the excess on the back side of the base to the ring (on the inside).
astry flower jewellery
The end result is we should get like this.
astry flower jewelleryvv
Asters are ready to go in the oven.
After correcting any nuances or it will be impossible.
Check if everything is in order and only after convinced send flowers in oven
Bake for our plastic guide that is written on the packaging. In my case, it is 30 minutes at a temperature of 110 C.
Take out of the oven, give cool.
On earrings don shvenzy. Everything is ready, we have consulted. Not so difficult as it seems.
astry flower jewellery
But such a wonderful set can be done only in red!
astry flower jewellery
I wish you all success! With respect to you.
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