Learn how to make beautiful elastic wristbands and never complain about a dull look or lack of craftsmanship.

In this post you will see how to make elastic wristbands , to differentiate their looks or to sell and earn good money.

Making bracelets can be a very interesting hobby as well as relaxing is also very functional. There are many models of bracelets to make, but today we will show the elastic bracelet, which admits various techniques to make them. And besides making elastic bracelet you can make other elastic accessories such as elastic collar. Make necklace and bracelet sets and make a lot more.

How to Make Elastic Wristbands Step by Step

To make a bracelet with elastics you will need:

  • Colorful elastic bands of your choice;
  • Clothes catch (optional);
  • Crochet needle;
  • Clasp for bracelet of your choice and with the model, style and color also of your preference.

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in the process of how to make elastic wristbands. The first elastic must be crossed in the clothes catch. Put two elastics in the normal position. With the crochet hook, remove one side of the crossed elastic and take it to the middle. Do the same on the other side. Put another elastic in the normal position. Take one side of the elastic below, the first, and take it to the middle. Do the same on the other side. Put a rubber band in the normal position. Take one side of the elastic below, the first, and take it to the middle. Do the same on the other side. Put a rubber band in the normal position and go braided in the same way you’ve been doing. To finalize your piece, when it reaches the size of your bracelet, bend the elastic of the tip as you did at the beginning and fix the clasp. Attach the other part of the catch on the other side.

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Another model of elastic wristband is made with larger elastics being folded in half and with more elastics being attached to the loops. Here you can also use the clasp you want. You can also make elasticated necklace.

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How to make bracelets

A more sophisticated model of elastic band can be made by attaching a piece of chain to pieces of elastic (maybe even elastic for hair). If you do not want to, you do not need to cut the elastic in the middle to attach to the chain, you can tie it in a way that does not require cutting.

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Different elastic strap

The  elastic strap is very colorful. With them it is possible to make children’s models with characters of drawings and games, just use creativity.

They are made only the fingers, with a fork and a crochet needle, pens, a mini loom, preacher and several other techniques. It all depends on the manual skill of who is doing it. The end result is charming!

Thick Bracelet : Beautiful Ideas

See more models of bracelets made with elastics:

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The bracelets are made of small braided elastics and rubber accessories hanging to make them even more charming.

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It has become fashionable among children and teenagers across the country. And you’re sure to love it when you use it.

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If you’re going to make one, let the imagination flow. Add pendants and make them well colored.

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Rubber Bracelets

When you do, repeat the entire process until it fits your wrist. If it’s to do to sell, make varying sizes to suit multiple customers.

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The basic material for the execution is: loom (base), clasp, needle and elastic.

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The dragon scale model can be done with the help of a fork comb.

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If you have manual skill you will find the step-by-step very simple.

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There are those who prefer the one-colored bracelets and those who love the super-colored ones.

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Fork strap

One practical and economical way to make this bracelet is by using a fork. You can create beautiful pieces with this technique.

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There are several models of bracelets, from the finest and delicate to the most robust and striking.

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Colored elastics

The simplest models can be made with just the hands. It’s quick to do and great fun.

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The main idea is always to leave the elastics well stretched so as not to make mistakes.

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If you’re starting now, choose a basic template so you do not get lost in the walkthrough.

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Fashion Colorful Bracelets

As this same step by step it is possible to create rings, necklaces, little animals, pendants and more.

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They can be worn in different outfits, both for day-to-day and for ballads.

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Simple models

The simplest ones also have their charm. Playing with colors it is possible to make unique bracelets.

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Check out also those that are inspired by children’s characters. Look how beautiful!

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The flowers are always well seen, especially in women’s accessories. Look at the details and try to make yours.

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If you want to play even more, use several at the same time. The more colors the better!

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Did you see how making bracelets is easy? Watch the video of Claudia Emanuelly’s channel and see how to make elastic straps with a fork . Check out the other very interesting videos from Claudia Emanuelly’s channel!