How to make a love heart tree

love tree (1)

Materials: beads, wire to the frame (aluminum), glass beads, acrylic, yarn or sisal, lacquer, decorations – stones, shells, etc.

making the frame.

To do this, cut the wire (length 23 cm, the number of – 4 pcs, and one, 5 the, 32 cm)

love tree (2)

Then, bend the four wires in the ring, connect the ends firmly:

love tree (3)

Fifth bend the wire so (this will be the main axis, to its end later attach the trunk):

love tree (4)

We put the first ring as follows:

love tree (5)

So you want to insert the 2nd and 3rd ring:

love tree (6)

Places joints tightly connect wires.
4th ring inserted inside than vertically and horizontally:

love tree (7)

It turns out such a ball with the foot:

love tree (8)

Next, you need to cut the wire to the 35cm stem. This wire primatyvaem ball to the leg:

love tree (9)

Feet picturesque twirl (of course, optional):

love tree (10)

It is possible to attach 

love tree (11)

After hardening of plaster, to do the trunk thicker using construction adhesive tape or wrapping paper napkins PVA or PVA + gypsum. Paint the trunk:

love tree (12)

Take the thread or sisal, primatyvaem one end to the ball and selected color (before winding thread must carefully paint the frame to match, which will be painted line), wrapped around the ball. Wet the thread sticks to it.

love tree (13)

It turns out that’s a miracle:

love tree (14)

Once the ball is wrapped, you can start decorating it. We are making flower garlands, attaching wires to the ends of the wire frame. Decorate to your taste, using beads, flowers, leaves, etc.

love tree (15) love tree (16)

Then you can dip the ball in the paint (I use “high-gloss panel,” the company “Irkom.” It dries very quickly and did not stick) and sprinkle with gold sequins – our tree will shine!

love tree (17)

Decorate the trunk, after having covered it with varnish (in case bathing ball held):

love tree (18) love tree (19) love tree (20)

The tree is ready!

love heart tree polymer clay(27)