How to make pink flower

I want to share how I made them.

pink flower pink flower pink flower pink flower pink flower

First we form a twig: cut the right size wire, wrap it with corrugated paper, attaching the branches to each other.
Then from the strips of green wind tight rolls (one strip of width 3mm). We make a crib of them, with a needle increase the hole (to put on a wire). Lubricate the tip of the wire with glue and gently put a funnel on it. Pour all the funnels with glue PVA and put the twig to dry

pink flower

We make flowers.
Cut out the pattern of flowers from corrugated paper. We make antennae: strip for quilling 1,5 mm. cut it to half (as it were bifurcated). And we’ll also prepare a wire with a loop at the end. So for one flower we need a wire with a loop, three antennae and four template flowers. We make the lobes convex, and one (it will be the lowest) and we will also sell the middle.
We attach the wire to the wire with a string of weed. We smear the base with glue and glue the first patterned flower, we squeeze it around the wire more tightly. We glue the others – the second one also “crimps”, but already weaker.

pink flower

The photo shows how we attach the flowers to the branch.

pink flower

We make three such twigs and make a composition of them. We fix on a transparent silicone.

pink flower

The last bar-paste small green leaves

pink flower pink flower

Thank you for your attention! I hope someone will come in handy! All the best to you!

courtesy: liveinternet