How to paint your own shoes


He did this right in the office. At his workplace. Fortunately, I can afford it. You do if you want to do it again, it’s easy to make it at home. What the special conditions for this do not need to.

paint your own shoes

Now the background.

A pair of shoes was acquired by the hostess on the occasion of the sale, but the appearance is not completely satisfy it. Firstly, confused tongues. They were similar to the tabs at the football boot. And secondly, the color was too neutral, calm. So she decided to repaint them in gold. It repaints itself, but the result remained dissatisfied. She came with her shoes to me and asked for something to do with them.

Well, then, let’s start.

To begin with they wash off all unnecessary: ​​cream, old paint (in part) and ground colorless primer. After that dries shoes.


Determines the need for the length of the tabs. Unnecessary cut off. Picked similar in color thread. The planned location and stitched by the seam.


I find on the Internet simple ornaments. I put or render them on the ground according to the idea. I stand in the shoes.

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6 7 8 9

Next, decide on a color. I will use the burgundy. It is well combined with gold. In addition to using black outlines.

10 11 12 13 14

After application of the first ink layer, in places where it is needed, nanoshu second layer (1-1.5 hours).

I give to dry 12 hours, and cover with a finish. In this case, the gloss.

15 16


It is done!

Creative you success!


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