Pencil holders of cardboard and newspaper tubes reels


Here’s a pencil holders I got out of a cardboard spools of yarn and newspaper tubes. Pencil it was not very comfortable, because too wide and small pencils in her fall, but it is suitable for markers very well. Pencil holders with their own hands is very simple just out of scrap materials may be used and reels from kitchen paper towels or toilet paper. The materials that I used to create a pencil holders with their hands: • roll of yarn Gazzal City; • instant glue “Joiner”; • newspaper tube; • green and red paint; • lacquer; • scissors Job description: Bobbins of yarn I cut into 2 parts – 8 and 4 centimeters. 


Glue the pieces together among themselves glue “Carpenter”. Once again and say that I like to work with cardboard with this glue because kleetsya it very quickly and no PVA with it can not be compared. Then took a piece of cardboard from the box, put it bobbin around a pencil and cut with scissors along the contour. missed the lower part of the bobbins and abundantly glue to the cardboard basis. 


Further, plastered bobbin tubes from the newspapers. Simply put a little glue smeared it pasted tubes and cut them off one by one. If not immediately cut off, then it will do it very inconvenient and problematic. 


After the glue has dried out, I colored pencil holders green and red colors in two coats, allowing each layer to dry. When the paint over half already, then wished she had inflicted on the basis of white paint. Do not really like it when you can see the newspaper, but it was too late. At the end of the pencil holders revealed cardboard spools matte water-based varnish.