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    Latest kurti designs for stitching

    Kurtis has become one of the most favourite attire of women of all ages. From casual college going to attending wedding and parties, kurtis are turning into must-haves in one’s wardrobe. Fashion designers are also […] More

  • Stylish neck designs for kurtis

    One of the country’s traditional outfits, Kurtis have evolved and adapted to the designs of the western culture. Our designers corroborate these changes in their collections and include the new trends that fashion demands. More

  • kurtis designs

    Simple front designs for kurtis

    Kurti, the basic saviour in the women’s wardrobe is often taken for granted. Since it is in the fashion radar for quite a long time, it is often understandable that you run out of ideas […] More

  • kurtis designs

    The most gorgeous designer kurtis

    When it comes to festive territory, the newfound floor length suits and long gowns are taking over all fashionistas by storm. This season, even salwars and sarees are left out. However, when it comes to […] More

  • All about the latest trends in kurti patterns

    Kurtis are the most essential part of any lady’s closet. kurtis is the favourite dress among the young ladies and ladies of any age. Kurtis is thought to be the best dress when we discuss […] More

  • kurtis designs

    Beautiful ladies kurtis latest designs

    The Beautiful collection of ladies kurtis suits new stylish designs for women. Designer kurti pictures and patterns for college going girls new fashion trends in India and Pakistan. More

  • kurtis designs

    Types of kurtis we all love to wear

    Kurtis is the saviours for Office warriors. Kurtis is the best and most comfortable thing you can wear to work. They look absolutely gorgeous and classier than most outfits. You can be carefree and carry […] More

  • kurtis designs

    Kurtis for all occasions

    Ever since the inception of the Indian kurtis, the fashion world has gone gaga over them. Kurtis of all lengths, patterns and styles paired up with leggings or other pants on different occasions have become […] More

  • Latest kurti designs patterns

    We all love Kurti, but (honestly) The TRUTH is, not all kurti designs going to fit you, everyone has difference preferences for their kurti fashion, that’s why kurti comes with diverse designs and styles so […] More

  • kurtis designs

    The crazy kurtis for the modern indian women

    A kurti is a shorter version of a kurta. Women in Indian cities love the kurti for its versatility—it is perfect for occasions ranging from everyday wear to parties or picnics. Every kurti has the […] More

  • The fashion trend of kurtis

    In this article, we are discussing the best collection of latest kurti designs. This latest collection of kurti pattern is for every girl who likes dressing up in classy style. So pretty girls, get ready […] More