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  • love tree

    how to make love heart tree

    How to make a love heart tree Materials: beads, wire to the frame (aluminum), glass beads, acrylic, yarn or sisal, lacquer, decorations – stones, shells, etc. making the frame. To do this, cut the wire […] More

  • Flowers from yarn

    Flowers from yarn

    Flowers from yarn Make these flowers is easy, but think of where they apply themselves. They have a lot to be able to decorate. Courtesy: More

  • Yarn snowman

    Yarn snowman Hope to snow on Christmas this year, I remember when I was little and I did snowmen in the yard behind the building or grandparents Materials: white knitting yarn crochet thread red wooden […] More

  • Yarn hyacinths

    Yarn hyacinths

    Yarn hyacinths Today, the lesson did hyacinths. Flowers made fairly quickly and not difficult. Get beautiful flowers in almost all children, including boys (colleague of training courses, so the boys are still with us) As […] More

  • Yarn poodle

    Yarn poodle

    Poodle and Margot Margot Head, neck and tail number 1.25.Tulovische crochet hook and legs №1.75 Head 1 number 6 VI 6 sc = 6 Number 2: 2 sc, inc 1 x2 = 8 3rd row: […] More

  • Temari making

    Temari making

    Did you know that the existence of temari is about 1000 years old !? Temari- is a folk art form is very ancient, traditional toy that mommy did their children in China and Japan. Previously, […] More

  • Titmouse and sparrows from yarn

    Titmouse and sparrows from yarn

    Titmouse and sparrows from yarn size 9cm to 12cm. Yarn is wound to the back on the long side, for breast and wings for short. I mixed for the wings gray with brown. ,,,,,,, grab only […] More

  • Casket Ideas

    How to make flower casket

    How to make flower casket We need the roll of adhesive tape double sided tape fabric bias binding cardboard thin plastic foam pipe system store (approximate price – 20rub.) masking tape yarn and hosiery needles […] More