10 new-age and unconventional kaleeres

new-age and unconventional kaleeres

Kaleeres is something that never seems to run of fashion! Every bride loves adorning and flaunting this authentic piece of jewelry on her D-day and why not? It is inarguably a gorgeous accessory and compliments your chudha extremely well.

While the traditional kaleeras are rather bulky and gold, new age brides want to experiment with some offbeat, sleek, floral and colorful ones.

Here is a list of unconventional kaleeras that didn’t quite make us miss the authentic ones:

1.Mix and match


This bride flaunts her dainty silver kaleeras, with bright purple flowers attached to strings of flowers. This is plain and simple a breath of fresh air!

2. Mirror work kaleera


This gold kaleera with mirror work and small red beads, look royal, ethnic and dismisses the run-of-the-mill ones.

3. Orange pom poms


Basic and subtle light gold kaleeras with delicate pearls and orange pom poms compliments the shade of the bride’s lehenga beautifully!

4. Floral beauty


Yet another bride effortlessly pulls off this delicate kaleeras teamed with both pink and purple flowers.

5. Red and Royal


The heavy embroidered lehenga of the bride is complimented with a stunning pair of ethnic chunky kaleeras with red tassels.

6. Modern twist


The classic kaleeras have been given a modern and contemporary twist and we are simply loving it!

7. Glitter and bling


If you want to go in for kaleeras that are light, less bulky and full of shimmer and shine, this is the one!

8. Going all blue!


This bride ditched contrasts and went in for all blues, including her kaleeras and guess what? We aren’t cribbing, uh-uh! The blue kaleeras with shimmer and sparkle look stunning.

9. Green and gold


These kaleeras are elegant and graceful. Something that goes perfectly with pastel coloured lehengas. The small green beads add the extra traditional touch.

10. Pearlicious


If you want to stick to something really simple and chic, go in for something like this. It is minimalistic and compliments light shade lehengas beautifully!

courtesy: weddingz