14 Homemade halloween decorations

It is now time you upgrade the look of your home front or backyard with walkways, shrubbery, gardens and more. Surprise your visitors each season they walk into your house. Don’t just have the same appearance years and years. As we approach the Halloween day, there is much to get excited about. Look up to making new amazing memories and sharing the laughter with friends, family, and neighbours in a different way, Halloween way. There are so many ideas for this special day that happens only once in a year, ones that will spice up your home and fill it with imaginary dark magic. The best part of this is, all these projects are handcrafted, handmade and isn’t it beautiful to create something?

 halloween decorations

Decoupaged Halloween Letters

Crafted letters are forever cute. They have the thick line of attachment of one’s creativity and passion. They can be personalized to that thing that symbolizes something in your life too.

 halloween decorations

Cardboard Tombstones

Here, I got something for your garden. Make your ideal tombstones and surprise everyone. They are made out of boxes, so lightweight, manageable and won’t damage plants in your garden.

 halloween decorations

Masking Tape Hand

Have you been grabbed by the dead before? Of course not, you would be in the ICU till now. But what about grabbing people this Halloween? This is a very simple project of masking your hand with tapes and removing the mask after; put a lamp underneath to make it noticeable at night.

 halloween decorations

Floating Witch’s Hat

With this one, you will need sewing skills at least a little bit of it. It doesn’t have to look perfect, just a simple black hat. Make four to five of them and hang them from the ceiling. Add some yellow lights in them and illuminate the night.

 halloween decorations

“Who’s there” Décor

A forest of arms of an unknown people by the stairs can be so scary yet they are just painted boxes. I can imagine how someone in your house will scream her voice out in the middle o the night.

DIY Spell Book

There is no dark magic without spells. This is like the constitution of everything so why not making one for Halloween? You can even form games using a spell book and enjoy with friends.

 halloween decorations

Creepy Manson Jar

It does look creepy, right? Transform an ordinary Manson jar into a spider home. Just to warn you, these aren’t real spiders; look for artificial or dead ones before Halloween turns into vaccinating.

 halloween decorations

Skeleton Gloves

They are absolutely cute. I see myself doing this for my desk if not wearing them into Halloween party. It is just candles, gloves, markers and ring supporters to help the gloves stay upright, not to cause fire.

 halloween decorations

Halloween Mantle Trees

You need the following for this project; crepe paper, glue stick, paper mache cone, scissors, pencil, and ruler. They are all basic materials that you probably already have at home or you can find at the nearest stationery store.

 halloween decorations

DIY Bleeding Hand

Walking into your room and spotting a huge, hanging hand with blood dripping from it, I would faint right by the entrance. Please try this to people with big hearts.

 halloween decorations

Manson Halloween Village Jar

You will need Manson jars, candles, broad and fine tip pens, paint, paintbrush, and printouts. Next, is exploring your painting skills. I love its artistic presentation. It is sophisticating.

 halloween decorations

Glittered Hanging Letters

These huge black letters are amazing. The glitters rest well on the surface that had a layer of glue underneath. They are all held by an orange ribbon vertically and the result is magical.

 halloween decorations

Halloween Pumpkin

You may buy pumpkins or get some small oval shaped buckets. Then paint them into Halloween emoji. Display them in the flower vase in the garden on a rod. Wonderful they are.

 halloween decorations

Halloween Dreamland

This is a perfect image of the Halloween night. It requires creativity. You can place these on a table, in your kids’ room.

courtesy: diycraftsdecoration

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