A mat with blades of magazines

A mat with blades of magazines

A mat with blades of magazines

Surely you know make churritos paper and paper strips to choose depending on the color of the churritos , right? Well now we go with something easy: we will make a mat with blades of magazines .


The materials needed are:
– Sheets magazines (newspapers and advertising brochures)
– A knife
– A skewer stick
– A fat marker (or any other cylindrical object)
– Tweezers
– white glue
– Latex (Alkyl or varnish water)
– A small brush or brush
The first thing to do is pick the leaves of magazines to make churritos .
In this case I used sheets of magazines with colorful dots on the outer margin and other with white margin.

We turned the leaves in half, cut them with a sharp and using a skewer stick knife we ​​get down to work.


Once we have made a lot of churritos seek a cylindrical object to start making spirals. We can use a fat pen, a lipstick, the cap of a nail polish …

To crush the churritos Once we bend slightly to facilitate winding.

We started rolling the churrito around the cylindrical object we have chosen, occasionally putting some glue to not unscrew.


Each spiral carrying 4 churritos: one white and the other three of the same color. When we reach the end glue the end well and held him with pliers until thoroughly dry.


And so we have to do a lot of spirals previously calculating how much need based on the size of the mat.


Now we take two spirals of the same color. Churrito had a piece of the last lap of each spiral, and paste it held him with pliers.



And so we are making a chain of spirals.


When we have done two strands of the spiral we unite the same way, linking the spiral from top to bottom.


If we do a mat with various colors have to be clear about the design before starting to connect the coils. In my case I did the double center and then around each color.


Once we all spiral bound hand Whitetail both sides to churritos spiral binding and are properly fixed. And when it is completely dry we give two coats of latex a little watery.



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