A stand for pencils

A stand for pencils

A stand for pencils

Cardboard stand out of eggs and several cylinders left over from toilet paper can be a wonderful material for children’s crafts. Today we make a stand for pencils .

We will need: paint, scissors or knife stationery, ink, pumpkin seeds, glue, cardboard cylinder 3 of toilet paper cartons of eggs.


1 . Cut the foundation for our future stand. The choice of form for the stand and the number of divisions (for small chancellery), is at your discretion.


2. Now you need to securely install the paper cylinders departments egg packaging. To do this, you need to do office knife slots (according to the markings shown in the photo).


3 . tilting the cut edge, lubricate them with glue. Install the cylinder from toilet paper and presses the edges taped inside. Since the fingers can not do it so easily, use a pencil or scissors.



4 . For the same technology we set two more cylinders. Now the entire structure be painted. Color Pencil Stand future depends entirely on your imagination. Be creative with your child! I, for some reason, I wanted to paint it green.


5 . While drying rack pencils, let us coloring seeds. I must say that I have nothing else figured out how to pinch your fingers between the seed and cover it with paint with a brush. Fingers while pretty dirty. A child is sure to please exercise. Seeds need to paint on one side, after removing them with a transparent plenochku. Colors are also chosen depending on the composition conceived by you. You can use the table of color combinations (enough of them on the internet).

Once seeds and paperboard dries, you can stick the seeds. Grasp the seeds with paper fairly easily, they do not need long to press.


6 . Now we need to treat the edges of the palm pencils. To do this will cut out of colored paper velvet ribbons. A height of about 4 cm. With one cut edge “weed” (see. Photo). Or the pattern which is more suitable for your composition (waves, fence, leaves, etc.). The adhesive is applied to a thin strip cut egg cartons.


7 . Well, stand pencils made ​​with their hands , ready.

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Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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