Adorable Hugging Bear Cookies

Bear Cookies

Adorable Hugging Bear Cookies

Sweets can heal people, but some light refreshments are looking to feel heart flower blossoming open……the cute bear with ingenuity biscuits become more cute, little Bear holding a faster than its larger nuts, looks really adorable to not work, and even the production process also is filled with adorable , is a delightful handmade from start to finish dessert, there is a chance we must try to do and see….



1, preheat oven to 160 degrees

2, prepare a bowl, add flour (cake flour) 110 g, 20 g and a pinch of salt and cornstarch mixed uniformly

3, prepare a small bowl, add sugar beet molasses (beet sugar syrup) 40 g, 10 g and 30 g honey, vegetable oil and uniformly mixed. Beet syrup can be imported in the supermarket to buy abroad, or use other flavours of syrup (such as maple syrup) should be able to.

4, slowly pour 2 to 3, and mixed into the dough yellow

5, paving the baking paper, roll the dough flat, then mold began to die out Cubs

6, with needle-like tool press out the Cubs face, and gently let the Cubs hands wrap nuts 7, into the oven for about 10 minutes, then slightly reduce the temperature to 150 degrees, bake 10 minutes adjourned to eight complete!









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