An easy way to weave rugs from fabric

An easy way to weave rugs from fabric

Essential elements of home comfort, reminiscent of childhood and affectionate grandmother’s skillful hands are knitted mats. Knitted fabric mats original, practical and beautiful. Consider the production of a rug made ​​of fabric, which are used to weave braids from strips of fabric.


For the work we need: fabric strip width of about 8 cm in different colors; the needle; thread; iron.
In order to look nice pad, edge strips should be folded back and a stitch on the sewing machine, or press it. As a result, the width of the strip should be 1/3 of the initial size. Same color strips sewn together, the edges press out, after which the strips are unwound in a ball for convenience when weaving.



Of the three colored stripes woven regular braid.

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Then braid tight spiral curls. Each turn is fixed with needle and thread. Tri-color spiral is sheathed in a circle rolled into a bundle stripe fabric in a contrasting color.
Similarly, we do five laps with strips of cloth of other colors.
Because of strips of fabric in a contrasting color (in this example the red cloth) do harnesses. We spread our community in two parallel rows and in the gaps formed in the center, turn bundles of flowers with four petals, fixing harness threads.
Long harness fabric threads fix extreme side of the circle and begin to form the outer edge of the mat, permanently securing the harness threads. To do this, a tourniquet tightly to the circle to the upper corner, where we do three loops. Then again conduct a tourniquet around the circle until the notch. In place of the recess forming tow heart and move on. So we braid the entire harness pad, making on-site angle tabs and notches on the site – hearts. As necessary harness is incremented. As a result we get here is a wonderful knitted rug.

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