Making panels by volume applications of foam “Landscape”

Making panels by volume applications of foam "Landscape"

Making panels by volume applications of foam “Landscape”

I want to share with you one of the great ways to bulk application, with which you can create beautiful, three-dimensional picture, the difficulty level of which will depend on the choice of the plot. It could be children’s pictures taken from colorings and can be quite serious subjects, the basis of which were taken pictures or photos.


To work need:

  • draw or print a picture (A-4)
  • Ceiling tiles (dense, with fine relief)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • pencil
  • cutter or knife stationery
  • Gouache and brush
  • Adhesive for ceiling panel


For his mural I choose a favorite picture on the Internet, in the section “Winter Landscape”. Print it on your printer.


All forms must be more simplified, stylized, so we finish the current picture pencil, minimizing all the small details and at the same time determine what is in the foreground, which is average, and that in the background. To make it easier to see, the circuit can be enhanced marker.


Now that the story is ready, you can begin to work and the first thing we do is cut out the base panels (this is the background on which to winter sky). To do this, we’re just putting a sheet of A-4 on the corner of the tile, and outlines the two sides of the handle (it is necessary to draw a pen, because it leaves a clear, visible trace).


Now we put the tiles on a wooden board or on a piece of cardboard (to not spoil the table), and carefully cut. No need to apply pressure to the cutter. To find the right pressure, practice on a piece of foam, feel the material.


The excised base is set aside and take up the scissors, came the middle plan, so the picture we cut the sky, again putting a picture to the tile and draw out it, but without the sky.


Carefully cut and also put aside.

8 (1) 8

Middle plan is divided into two parts, one of which we cut with scissors.


Again, we are putting the resulting image to the tile lines and cut out.


And last, foreground, cut with scissors first, and branches in some places cuts through the cutter.


Drawing on a hot plate and cut.


All parts are cut.


But in order to give additional relief and facilitate the painting to put the internal drawing, but now with a pencil (circuit will be ripped and hardly visible, and the work is neat).



Well, now you can paint.


Doing this is more convenient parts are not glued. Since we have a winter theme, with a predominance of white, try not to paint all fully gouache, because the texture and color of foam (with its slight sheen), as well as possible give the feeling of snow and the work will be more airy.


Well-dried parts glue to glue the ceiling tiles. You can use glue PVA-extra, but he should be given time to dry.


The work is ready, you can arrange to come up with ready-made frame or frame foam.




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