Roses from socks can be collected here in such a bouquet. In this bouquet, there are 31 roses and 21 chili pepper.


1. Socks, more precisely
2. Chili pepper
3. Packaging paper
4. Tissue black mesh or organza
5. Decor elements
6. Molar adhesive tape
7. Garden wire
8. Braid, tapes
9. Skewers are shorter than basic or long toothpicks
. 10. Two-sided narrow adhesive tape.
11. Tools (scissors, stapler, ruler, etc.)


Here they are, my 31 roses.

But chili peppers, in an amount of 21 pcs. strung on skewers.

Each perforated skewer is attached to a shamrock with a flower by means of a molar adhesive tape, as shown in the photo.
Prepare 21 pairs.

Pick up a bouquet of flowers with pepper and flowers without pepper.
The ends are fixed with an elastic band for money or garden wire.

Everything should alternate and form a single composition.

Wrapping paper. In my case, it is one-sided. The second side is without gilding.

Cut rectangles to the width of the paper with a side width of about 20cm.
Bend superfluous, hiding not the gilded side and forming a square.

From the organza or the grid, cut the edge, if any.

From a common piece of mesh or organza cut the strip along the width of the main crop with a width of 20 cm.
Cut the squares.

Connect with each other, alternating paper and mesh squares, connecting with a stapler.
Squares of paper or mesh, the choice should be one more.
In my case, there are 5 squares of paper and 4 of the mesh.
It is necessary to fasten both top and bottom, as well as angles from two sides in the middle.

The joint angle is 45 °.

The lower ends of the skewers can be wrapped in trimming paper. You can do this both before wrapping and wrap it on top, and after wrapping.
Fixed all with a double-sided adhesive tape.

The bottom part can be screwed forming a glass.

Arrange the bouquet and wrap it in stapled squares.

From an even toe, you can make a bow.
In addition to an even sock, you will still need:
Garden wire or an elastic band for money.
Tape or braid.

Fold the sides of the nose to the center overlap.

Drag the rubber band for money or garden wire.

Zadekorirovat place shrinkage tape or tape.
Leaving long ends. They will be needed to fasten the bow to the bouquet.

From the scraps of the net, you can make a skirt for the bottom of the bouquet.
To put a bouquet in it and fasten it with a bow, wrapping the long ends of the ribbons around the bottom of the bouquet. In order for the bow to sit for sure and not fall under the weight of its weight, it can be additionally fixed on the pedestal of the bouquet with a double-sided adhesive tape.

The bouquet is ready and our men, sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers will be shocked by such a gift.
It seems to be just socks, and how much excitement

courtesy: stranamasterov