Balloon “Butterflies”

Balloon "Butterflies"

Balloon “Butterflies”




For the manufacture of such a ball cocktail straws need about 200 pieces. I have two pieces of packing 100. First you need to cut the tube to the corrugated portion (if not part of a corrugated, the tube can not cut off). Turned on the tube 18 cm. Size of the final ball of about 90 cm.


Assign 3 tubes per thread in the shape of a triangle. Threads take x b №10. Threads are not cut off before the end of the work. It is advisable to leave the ends of the thread 7 – 10 cm. They are needed for future work.


To this triangle tie 2 tubes 4 times to get triangles with a common side.


Get such a figure. This is a side view.


Top view. Such sets of triangles need to prepare 6 for the upper half of the ball, 6 more sets for the lower half of the ball.


Take one set of triangles and tie on a tube between the tops of adjacent triangles. In the picture tube yellow.


Received such a polyhedron


For each vertex of the first tier tie one set of five triangles shown in photos 4 and 5.


From each set to take on one of the upper triangle and tie the top. Received not very rigid attachment of the second tier, which needs to be fixed.


In the foreground a face like a trapezoid. One yellow straw – upper base: two yellow straw – the lower base; pink solominki- sides. Connect the middle of the lower base of the upper-left corner of the trapezoid green straw


The second green straw connects the middle of the lower base of the other top corner of the trapezoid. repeat 4 more times with the remaining pieces of the second tier.


Begin the third tier of the upper half of the ball. Each set of five triangles left by the two lower triangle. They combine three straws. The photo in the middle of the yellow triangle. One straw connects the tops of adjacent triangles. The other two are from these vertices to the middle of the upper edges of the second tier of the polyhedron. To continue this work with all facets of the third tier. Half of the ball is ready


Run the same way the second half of the ball.


The two halves of the ball.


Now you can cut off all the threads and tie some jewellery. Good luck.



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