Bamboo box from newspapers

Bamboo box from newspapers

Probably already have all seen how bamboo wipes do casket. We go further and make itself more and bamboo napkin. From the newspapers, of course. Look!


stranded tubes in my presence already, I have left them as something between a seal. I tried to connect, but the process could stretch out until the morning …. Briefly philosophizing, I stitched them on the sewing machine stitching zigzak. (Red stain after crosslinking)


Difficult to keep straight line, as tubes are trying to escape from under the foot. But even after trimming the edges of the defect little noticeable.


Happened here is a canvas


I had a piece of patent leather, all lay yourself and application, I could not find him, and then came his finest hour! On the one hand our web glue skin.


Do marginalia. I did not have in stock cardboard, but remained on the ceiling tile repair. Size bokovushek – on request. It all depends on the size of the web and the desired depth / width of your casket. Marginalia skin plastered on both sides with no large overlap, so that the entire perimeter formed a small concave. Take (someone there, I have the same almost nothing!) Laces men! Plump and ryhlenkie! And use them as edging for our bokovushek, coat with glue and perimeter lace.




Cloth paste braid. How fortunate that I found in my zagashnikah braid and the color is not bad in harmony with the canvas.



That’s how it looks now with the two sides. And collect our canvas with marginalia. I glued on the “moment” transparent.


Well, this is actually the result of almost sleepless night.


As decoration to use a large button under the buckle on the lid Manistee ruthlessly cut off my dance skirt.


And here is my casket, this moment is estimated husband and used for its intended purpose.


I hope you are not too tired Thank you for your attention!

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