Basket of sewing remnants

Basket of sewing remnants

Basket of sewing remnants

Like many of you, I’m concerned about the waste management of their clothing “made” hand does not rise to throw scraps favorite patches. And today I want to share with you one of the ways to use them: I suggest you join me to make nice korzinkudlya detail or the original bag.


Thus, we begin with the preparation of materials. All flaps cut into narrow (2-3 cm) strips. Do not be afraid if the strips are obtained are not too long – firstly, we will build them up. And secondly, with a very long strips very uncomfortable.

Cords for the basket is better to take not too thick and not very dense. Since we have to sew them on the machine, then I advise you to take the shoe laces like.


If you have a special foot for sewing on cords, then put it to work will be more convenient.

And then the act is simple: wrap the cord fabric strip and a wide zigzag anchoring tissue in the cord.

Since Cord narrow and does not hit the teeth of the lower conveyor, you have to help him move his hands.


When one end strip placed under the previous start of the next and continue to reel.


Obtained here are blank.

The width of the zigzag expose such that the coiled cord falls between the extreme points of the weld, ie line if it wraps.

Small bumps (bulging ends of strips, etc.) In my opinion, just add a decorative finished product.


Then take a thick base (I – mattress ticking) and a spiral from the center of zigzag sewed preform.

Try to sew so that the needle catches the previous series and the current.


On the cloth lining I priutyuzhila cobweb glue (for more rigidity) and with its help, and joined the work piece pad.

Trim any excess and get almost finished part.


We can only turn over its edge piping.


Similarly, do sidewall detail: nastrachivaem sheathed cables in the base glue pad, sheathe edge binding.

Lightning nastrachivaem gently from the front, but you can sew it on his hands and that was not so noticeable.


Since I have not found the right length zipper, I sewed in two side zippers, towards each other.


To handle strip cut out 4 times wider than desired. Length is determined by eye, having put his hand to the strip – that took place and it was convenient to take.

Press out in half lengthwise, slice toward each other and in the middle of the blank piece of cobweb glue base for rigidity.


Again, we folded the long sides and sew around the edges and in the middle – a pen ready.

Tucked edge nastrachivaem blank on the cover.


Now you have to collect all the details.

With a side cover to the bottom of, determine the size of the missing part.


We cut out two pieces (with a seam allowance!) And the middle of a one of them again strengthen sized base.


Sew the two parts in the ring.


Dress ring on one side of the sidewalls. Sew a short cut …


… and gut-wrenching detail. So we turn gently closed sections. It remains only to tuck the free end, attach a second end of the sidewall and stitched.


All over the flank.


If you want, you can combine any items in the car decorative seam.

But it seemed to me that it is easier and faster to do it manually.


And it got this basket of cords.


The same principle can be beautiful and original summer handbag.



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