Baskets with flowers

Baskets with flowers


For baskets with flowers need:

– Colored double-sided paper
– scissors
– ruler
– PVA glue,
– food film
– jars of cream
– copper wire
– brown corrugated paper
– toothpick stapler.


So, a jar of cream wrap brown corrugated paper, it is quite strong due to the brilliant insertions into an invoice. Wire frame pens do, paste the same paper when the pen is dry, gently twirl paper in a circle to get a kind of spiral. In the interior of the basket at the proposed site of fastening handles pierce the paper and a stapler to fasten the handle brackets.


For the upper part of the composition is required in terms of a smaller jar (I took the cream from “Little Fairy”). Wrap its lower part with cling film and glue it to the frame strip composition. At first strip on the widest place around the jar, then topped crosswise strips 4 as in the photo. While drying frame must cut colored strips 4 mm and screwed tight rolls of them – it will serdtsevinki flowers. It takes about 50 pieces. The same number of cut strips of width 10 mm, and cut one side fringe 2 3 the width of the strip.


At the midway cheat strip with a fringe, so as to produce flowers, straighten the fringe. At the bottom of the flower to apply the adhesive and glue on the frame, into the lumen of the same paste it flowers, promazyvaya fringe from the wrong side. From green strips cheat windings as in the photo (this strip width of 4 mm folded in half and both sides are wound out on a toothpick, not pasted).


Do leaves. For this cheat green rolls slightly to dissolve and form an element of the “eye”, squeezing roll on both sides of the fingers. The resulting green elements are also pasted in the existing gaps. When the composition is dry, remove it from the jar, while helping sip of oilcloth. Bottom row coat with glue and glued to the basket. Spreads hurting fringe. Cart March 8 ready.

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