Bead daisies

Bead daisies

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Bead daisies


I must clarify that I wove them from the Czech beads №15, so I will not specify the number of beads on the wire, and a long low in centimeters. And you count the number of beads for themselves, because all different size beads …
Daisies are obtained with a diameter of 4 cm.

So let’s start

Chamomile has seven trehlistnikov and midway.

For one trehlistnika cut off a piece of wire length of about 25 cm. On a wire strung beads 3.5 cm, working end of the wire entering back into the first bead, it turns out is such a loop


To recruit secondary loop 5-6 beads greater than the first (low length obtained 4 cm). The third loop – the same as the first one. Ends of the wire are twisted


These petals we need seven pieces.
Then do seredinku. It consists of the same tabs, as petals. Five tabs, each of 4-5 beads, curl into a ball. Such balls to three (or five for more midway in size). Then beads twisted together.



For sepals recruit on a wire 2.5 cm green beads, and do loops 9.


Next, take a piece of clear plastic bottles (under any of the tasty lemonade), and the needle pierces approximately equidistant holes for the center and seven holes for the petals. Cut a circle. The diameter of about an inch. You can of course, and without it, but it will be more stable and chamomile is stronger hold


Insert the tabs and in the middle of a punctured holes


On the reverse side fasten sepal


Our daisy almost ready


Still needs to be done buds. To do this, we collect on the wire about 3.5 cm white beads, making seven loops, twist


Sepals buds to do, and then curl

Leaves can be any suitable for daisies … at your discretion.

To take the stem thicker wire, winding all threads sewing gradually primatyvaya buds and leaves.

Our daisy ready


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