Beads made of paper

Beads made of paper

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Beads made of paper

Such paper beads become great fun for kids. They are bright, they can be collected from the bracelets or necklaces, but you can just play with them. However, they are safer than glass beads, as made out of paper and the size they are not very small.


Make them simple enough, but they are very strong.


For manufacturing, you can use absolutely different paper, different colors and textures. It is also interesting look beads from magazine pages. Here you can dream up.


Well, that’s done! If you wish, you can wear the beads on the pins and make bracelets and necklaces for themselves. But children pins better not to give, of course.




How to make bead


First we need to cut thin and long isosceles triangle. Take a length of 15 cm and a width of 2 cm. In general, the size is also determined by you. After this, apply glue to the triangle, while leaving the widest part of the dry (as in the photo).


Now we wrap around the widest part of a thin object. For example, use a pencil or a thin tube. Then simply pulls the triangle so that it is well stick together and become a bead.


Well, now gently remove our beads with a pencil and put them to the surface, where they dry out. Just do not put them close to each other so that they are not blind to each other.



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