Beautiful necklace

Beautiful necklace Beautiful necklace

Beautiful necklace


Thus, materials:
– pearls of different sizes. I was somewhere between 5 and 10 mm
– Beads №11. I used Tojo # 2100 on necklace took 30 grams;
– thread or fishing line. I spun on the 70th Dacron (70 l) because the line is not fixed very good at. Yes, probably on the line would be rude. On a thin thread leaves are too soft, and will not be good to keep the shape.


Necklace I wove 2 needles.
1. Home: recruit a bead, leave it in the middle, and for the convenience of figsiruem pin:

3 4

2. On the right-hand thread recruit 4 beads (right base).


3. On the left-hand thread recruit 2 beads (left base)


then another 10 beads (it’s already begun leaf)


We pass the end of the second bead

8 (1) 8

and type 8 more beads


and pass the second bead left the basics


The result was a leaf.


4. On the left-hand thread 1 bead recruit


and go through the 4th bead right foundations.


Here we have prepared the first leaf


5. Similarly, do the second leaf from the right side: 4 beads on the left, 2 + 10 on the right, pass the second bead from the end, another 8 beads and pass through the second bead left the basics:


6. Now insert the pearl in leaf:
pass in the first 3 beads sheet


We recruit on a string pearl suitable in size, and pass in the last 3 beads and bead leaf bases

18 19

7. Now we will bind the leaves together: 1 recruit bead and go through the third bead of the first sheet


We recruit another bead and returns based lisitka with pearl


8. Now, as the first leaf, dial 1 prydem bead and bead left in the fourth basics


The second leaf is ready

23 24

9. Similarly, weave the remaining leaves, first leaves without pearls alternating with pearl leaves, and then weave all the leaves with pearls. Gradually increase the amount of leaves (first leaf side length 8 beads, beads then 9, 10 and so on until 12) together with the values ​​of leaves growing size of the pearls, the number of beads that bind the leaves together and the number of beads at the base

095c4434106c1d83d118eeebe522021d (1)

10. wove the right amount of leaves for half a necklace.


Now weave the last leaf. He does not have the basics – it is in the middle.
recruit 14 beads, go through to the second from the end, we collect 12 more, we pass in the middle of bead, pearl weave.

2388187f29ff0ba43ae59ebb7fdd3d55 11013060_941514995871870_1329429204602265181_n 11173364_1590703454524328_4935496660062498381_n

11. Tying medial leaf with two side
to the right – with the base (4 beads)

11800396_941514992538537_5509910198742382137_n 11813405_941514959205207_2459126783409131122_n

with the left – from the leaf (4 beads)

11825113_941515062538530_9133566101756957919_n aaaa

12. Now connect all large leaves are midway between (how many leaves to link – see for yourself. I contacted the only ones who face the leaf more than 10 beads)

cool_easy_drawings_step_by_step CV-MCLOT49457597440-Sarees-Cloths_Clours_n_Threads-Craftsvilla_1

Here I am ready for a sprig of necklaces.


And all you need for a necklace 2 sprigs, and the second should be a little shorter.
Scourge second sprig sprigs and sew together.
Here is a place closer linking


In general, the result is a necklace that’s:


And now more about the variation of leaves and other parameters. I’ve sketched shemku


Figure notes:
a – the number of beads base (leaf mounted always in the middle bead)
b – the number of beads on one side of a leaf
with – in the number of beads leaf, drag from which the pearl d – the same as with the (mistaken, then redraw)
e – the number of beads which are connected to each other leaves
f – number of beads, which includes a chain of the following
label now – it, I will describe how I changed the settings for your necklace.
N – the number of pages on one side (that is, if 4 is written, it is a 4 leaf, looking to the left, and 4 – right)


Additional connection of all their leaves midway I was doing before leaves marked by asterisks in the table.
Hopefully clearly explained.
Good luck to you in your work!