Bed time drink to lose 10 kgs in just 10 days

lose 10 kgs

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Today I m going to show a fat cutter drink which will help to shed up to 10 kilos in 10 days. this drink is very easy to make and has been shown to help in the short amount of time if you drink it all the time. by drinking just 1 glass of this juice before bed you will lower your fat levels especially your belly fat.

This drink is not recommended for people with allergies to medication, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

INGREDIENTS: Coriander or Cilantro
Aloe Vera Juice

coriander or cilantro are very low in calories, and it is full of antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals that are very good for easing water that stored up. therefore it is good for flattening a blown up stomach.

lemon juice is good for flushing out toxins that have built up in the body. when you drink lemon juice, you will be able to get rid of body fat. you will also feel a whole lot better bcoz the toxins that have built up in your system will be cleaned out.

cucumbers are very good for fighting fat. they are an important part of any weight loss plan. one full cucumber has 45 calories and they are full of fiber and water, two things that are important for burning fat. plus they are very cooling and give this drink a great taste.

aloe vera juice is good for weight loss. it is full of antioxidants and helps block free radicals, which lead to swelling and bloating. this juice also helps boost how fast your body breaks down materials, which can help lower your body mass index.

ginger helps the body break down materials faster and stops constipation, two things that are very powerful for fighting off that belly fat you don’t want. ginger will help burn off fat while you sleep.

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