Binoculars from recycled materials

Binoculars with recycled materials Binoculars with recycled materials

Binoculars from recycled materials

The craft that bring today besides being extremely easy and always triumphs among children, is the most special of the month … Yes! You know what I mean … my idea for the magazine Growing Happy ! If you have already removed some good weather and no choice but to play inside, what better idea to make homemade toys for kids? The proposal we bring today is very cool: to create some binoculars or binoculars colorful and super simple using cardboard rolls of toilet paper and rubber eva many colors. If we make them, we will make spend a beautiful afternoon. And when you let them play they will stimulate your imagination and daring to become explorers in search of wild animals hidden in the corners or the entire house enemies. And the best of all? They will learn how easy it is to recycle! Shall we start?


We need:

  • EVA of different colors.
  • Base trim.
  • Cutter.
  • Rule.
  • Pencil.
  • Two cardboard tubes of toilet paper or a paper towel.
  • Hot glue gun (or cold liquid silicone).
  • Strands.


We begin! We glued the cardboard tubes, for that we can use tubes of toilet paper or paper towel (previously cut). For each binocular you need two cardboard tubes that we stick with the hot glue gun next to each other. We may also use cold liquid silicone. Reserve.

Step followed, rubber eva seek all colors we have and put together a nice combination to cut the strips to cover the binoculars. We measure the length of the cardboard tubes and according to the number of colors that EVA will use to determine the width must have each of the strips. As I used five colors, I cut 2 cm wide each


We can start to paste. We place a dot of glue binding with cardboard tubes and begin to glue the strips of colored rubber eva. Next to each other without spaces.


We continue placing glue, as covered cardboard tubes, in areas where the EVA has contact with the cardboard. Before coming back to the union of cardboard tubes, we measure eva rubber strips and cut the leftovers.


Then we paste finished each of the strips.


To finish, we added a cord so that the kids can colgárselos to play. Make two small cuts on the sides of the cardboard tubes, spent the knotted cord and ends. We can add another decorative detail like hearts, stars and more to give a more personal touch! They are ready to play!


They saw how cute … have been playing has been said !!!