Bird houses with corks Christmas tree

Christmas tree

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Bird houses with corks Christmas tree

Already they are preparing to build the tree? They do your ornaments, looking for new ideas? I do! And I can not help but enjoy the Christmas crafts 🙂 about we enjoyed this day making a new idea of Christmas very special … ever have decorated their Christmas tree with bird houses ? Today I propose to do and teach them step by step how you can prepare. They are a real tenderness! It will be nice to imagine … we go!

christmas tree

We need:

  • Corks.
  • Colored beads.
  • Design roles.
  • Scissors: common and zig-zag.
  • Glue stick.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Wire.
  • Pliers and tweezers.
  • Small buttons.
  • Wooden sticks or toothpicks.
  • Pattern for house
  • Pipe cleaner.
  • Cutter.

christmas tree

The truth is that I liked to do this idea … I think it will be one of the most beautiful tree for this year details. I’ll tell you right now how it’s done!

The first thing to prepare is the pattern for the roof of the little birds. As in other ideas, I used to do on the site Do not forget to visit! And considering the size of the cork height was 4.5 cm and 3 cm base. Clicking the link of the materials can print it directly.

A tip for working with patterns is once cutter, glue them on a thin cardboard, that will make our task easier muchoooo! I assure you!

christmas tree

Mark and cut as many as you need. And a nice touch is to cut the bottom with a zig-zag scissors.

christmas tree

To finish, stick with the glue stick and put up the pussy. We reserve for later.

christmas tree

We took a cork and the cleaners decorate one of its edges. Just screw it will suffice.

christmas tree

Then we looked for a stick and put it near the edge with pipe cleaners. You have to leave about 1 cm and cut the rest with the cutter.

christmas tree

With the cutter, we make a small hole in the center of the cork. There are going to hit the wire.

christmas tree

Cut a piece of wire and hung ceiling Conito for him.

Bird houses(162)

We place a dot of hot glue into the hole made in the cork.

Bird houses(163)

And there stick the lower end of the wire. Then we put some hot glue on the edge of the cork and glue the little roof paper.

Bird houses(164)

Then paste a small button to the little door of the house. They saw how nice it is becoming ..

Bird houses(165)

Now let’s finish decorating the wire to give a nice touch. A can use it to hang straight from the tree or add a small bead. We use the clip to shape.

Bird houses(166)

Add about 4 colored beads and close the tip, if spare wire can be cut with small pliers.

Bird houses(167)

A nice final detail I added was a fabric flower at the end of the wire. But you can add any other details to customize.

Bird houses(168)

They liked? Hope so!

Bird houses(169)


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