Bird of happiness

Bird of happiness

Bird of happiness


Materials: white cardboard, crepe paper, clay, cotton swabs, tube from the gas. water Klein pencil, scissors.

1. On 2 white cardboard draw a circle (one another)…. looked around the saucer and a small cup


Next, cut (itself, as is already well owned scissors) half of the resulting ring.


strips of crepe paper in different colors, of a width of 2-3 cm. And narwhal them to pieces. It turned out not very smooth, but the quality of the crafts is not affected.


balls and pieces of paper taped to the base of the tail (in the semi-circle). The pattern can be any. Vikulya decided to make a rainbow.


blinded carrot (trunk), the ball (head), 2 cucumbers, which are then flattened between your hands (wings).


Connect all the parts molded beak and eyes. The crown on the head made of cotton sticks. Strengthen the birdie on the tube from the gas. water. In the back of the torso put the rainbow tail.



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