Birdhouse with PET bottle

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Birdhouse with PET bottle

This is for you who like birds but know that there are stuck with nothing leave the pet in a cage. Yeah order to have birds on your porch? With a super cool visual? Easy to make and sustainably? Helping our mother nature? So come with me. Let’s make a beautiful houses finches. See more



  • The upper part of a PET bottle 2,5litros
  • The bottom of a PET bottle or 2litros 1,5litros
  • A piece of string
  • Some colored nail polish
  • A golden spray synthetic enamel tin
  • A synthetic enamel can of white spray
  • A stylus


Preparing the PET parts
For starters, we need to give a finish on the edges of the parts of PET bottles. This technique is called “one deck” and can be viewed in the attached video:

After giving the finish in the parts of the bottles, cut with the stylus to house the front door with about three centimeters in diameter.

See the picture below as is the lower part of the house after trimming entry:


In our case, we paint the top roof of gold and the bottom white and gave some touches with nail polish and put a perch in a cage making a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. But you can make the designs you want.

Then you can use glue or tape to paste one party to another




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