Blinds made of paper


Blinds made of paper

Summer is just around the corner after all … And if someone wants to hide from the sun, then here’s a good experience for the production of very cheap paper blinds


After moving to a new apartment, I could not get enough of his massive window sill, that’s where the freedom for my colors, but there it was – the sun literally 3 days burned my kids ((curtains not help matters here, and I began to rush to the shops in search of solutions problem, but all that I found – a plastic blinds or roller blinds, but both is not so cheap. But then my husband said: “For a long time she would have done.” And then it dawned on me that Yandex knows everything)) Poshukayte on an Internet, and the problem is solved))
but since I strongly deviated from the proposed MC in the internet, and I hasten to share with you


So, we need:
1. Cut-off wallpaper or other paper ideal wallpaper for painting, they are thin and light transmission.
2. Stationery knife and a long line of
3. double-sided tape
4. rope (not thin) I have laundry
5. lock on one hole and trailer
6. puncher


Measure the window where the blinds are, and cut off the right piece, but with one condition: the width is equal to the window, and here we take a long margin, that is to her a little accordion “eat”, I have the size of the window 41/114, and I took otrez 41/144


Then do the accordion better not smaller folds I get somewhere 3.5 cm, and note that the accordion is the first edge, as it were unfinished step, and the final is over, if it did not work, so you can cut a piece ( I hope clearly written)


Then make the center hole using a hole punch, I was in the shape of hearts, but I think the usual holes will look better


On the edge of the last (where the step over sticking double-sided tape, cut less than half (see photo)


Insert the rope and straighten our blinds, is to measure the length of the rope


On the top edge here so we fix the rope and sealed across the Line double-sided adhesive tape


Like this


The other edge of the fold in half, and glue, as it were peacock’s tail)) like this


The view from the other side


Blinds in the expanded form, you can now cut the rope, make a small margin


Dress and trailer lock, trailer forgotten, I hope so clear


Here he is at the bottom of trailer hanging, just weed out the rope to it and make a bundle


Using double-sided tape to hang the window


Blinds are collected and straightened with the help of the lock on the photo blinds assembled, latch in the center


Blinds assembled
Blinds in the expanded form (photo 1)


And the general form so to speak


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