Botanical art for your walls in minutes

Botanical art for your walls in minutes

Sometimes meditate for hours on how to decorate a wall and go to decorating shops and look heaps of posters, paintings and prints various and instead have the solution in our hands. Who can claim to not do anything? Who is risky to be able to say you can not do anything with his hands?


Not even need to know how to create a beautiful botanical art like this for any of our walls.


  • Kraft paper or old newspapers
  • White paper for painting
  • Spray paint
  • Eraser
  • Liquid rubber mask or booking
  • Brush


Protect the workbench with kraft paper or some old newspapers advantage we have at home. We set the paper support of our work on protection. Paint the edges of the paper support with the liquid mask that will allow us to book the outline of the paper and also we adhere white paper on protection.


We place the leaf or flower of choice, which previously we will press with some books and some cardboard for a day, and paint over it with spray paint you want.


We removed the template and let it dry naturally a little painting. A few minutes will suffice.


Now retired gum contour reserve role, can remove stubborn areas with an eraser.


We have to leave the outline as clean and white to make our artwork looks the most beautiful.


And we can frame our creation and continue with the following. An elegant set of several of these works will always be better than isolation.


We have to do our own testing but for example the leaves and flowers on the right will be better than the left. Large and regular shapes give better than small and very irregular results. But it’s all a matter of taste, as with the various paintings, eg industrial paints used to paint pavements give good results for their great covering power.

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