How to make beautiful botanical prints wall art

How to make beautiful botanical prints wall art

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botanical prints wall art

We need brushes – tooth or something else. I still do tooth.

Leaf Painting (2)

Watercolor paints in the lid of the cotton swabs, thin, thin layer. You can use a saucer …

Leaf Painting (3)

Recruit the paint on the brush, on the very tips of the bristles.

Leaf Painting (4)

Dry leaf put on paper.

Leaf Painting (5)

We start splashing. Brush at an angle to the paper. As the bristles hold something thin (I have a knife, and can be given plastic kiddies)

Leaf Painting (6)

Knife carry bristles on “self”

Leaf Painting (7)
That’s all splattered, it is necessary to dry …

Leaf Painting (8)

Remove leaf, a little sprinkled on him, too.

Leaf Painting (9)

The main mistake – if too much water in the paint and if it is gain to brush too much.

Leaf Painting (10)

Then it turns out the Blob!

Leaf Painting (11)

That piece of paper on the cover of Braids.

Leaf Painting (12)

At the bottom of the tray.

Leaf Painting (13)

Decorate the box.

Leaf Painting (14)

Now do the main work. Take a dense sheet of paper and close the edge strips of paper – will frame.

Leaf Painting (15)

First, we place thin, delicate blades of grass.

Leaf Painting (16)
They have small leaves.

Leaf Painting (17)

On top of a large sheet with a beautiful circuit.

Leaf Painting (18)

the large loop of the sheet. Give the droplets dry.

Leaf Painting (19)

Remove large leaf, sprinkles around the blades of grass and small leaves.

Leaf Painting (20)

Give the droplets to dry! This is important because all toropyzhek can smear when they shoot leaf!

Leaf Painting (21)

They took small leaves – spray on a blade of grass.

Leaf Painting (22)

When everything is dry, remove the grass and framed. Sprinkle, where you want to add some color. Done!botanical prints is ready…..

Leaf Painting (23)

This way you can arrange the stands, do newspapers and much more. Good luck to you!

botanical prints


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