Bouquet of flowers from plastic bottles

Bouquet of flowers from plastic bottles

Bouquet of flowers from plastic bottles

If you have a multi-colored plastic bottles, do not throw them away, and make a bouquet of flowers that will decorate the window sill, kitchen table, cabinet or shelf. Below we look at how you can make your own hands a bouquet of flowers from waste plastic bottles and plastic bags.


Materials and tools

  • Plastic bottle green;
  • Scissors;
  • Lighter;
  • Plastic bag;
  • Awl or needle;
  • Foam beads or pellets.

Detailed description of the manufacture craft works
Cut out of the bottle blank sheet (see. Photo below). The shape, size and number of cuts you want. Legs fold in half for rigidity. Slightly anneal sheet along the contour of a lighter.


For the production of cut flowers from the plastic bag strip and fold it so as to obtain a square. Fluffiness flower depends on the number of additions of the package. Pinned on a square awl or a needle and scissors make of it a circle, then the fringe of the circle. The flower is ready.

Put it on the stem of a plastic bottle, then a bead or foam ball. Ready florets and leaves put in a vase.

In my case, as a vase made out of plastic bottles. Top and they are connected by a screw with a nut. To do this, you must burn hot nail hole in the stem vase and bottle cap.


Makeshift vase can be decorated. For bonding adhesive tape was used “sealant” Silicone. For the weighting of its vases filled with salt.