Bouquet of plastic bottles

Bouquet of plastic bottles

Usually, all plastic bottles discarded. But it turns out they can do a lot of wonderful craft! On one of them we will tell you about today. Summer is coming soon! Therefore, we do plastic bottles of colored summer bouquet of flowers!


Materials for the bouquet
Bouquet of flowers “Summer” is made from bottles of yellow and blue. It will take a marker and blue.

Manufacturer’s Description bouquet
Draw a pattern on the bottle (see. Photo below), a circle with a diameter of 4 cm., The second – 3.5 cm. (For the top and bottom of the flower).


Put a piece of plastic bottle on top of the stencil and drag the marker. Cut and fire lighter. In the center make a hole with an awl. On top of the flower for greater contrast blue marker was used.

Connect the two parts of the flower with the help of wire-stem and beads (see. Photo below).


You can make a single layer flower with four or five petals. On the back of the flower painted blue marker and shade with a cotton swab with cologne. You can use the nail polish. To make the curvature of the leaves are wound on a pen or pencil after firing a lighter.