Bow with hairpins clip

Bow with hairpins clip

Today we are going to do a bow, but not simple, but so … How to use it?

First bow secured with hairpins clip. Ribbon flowers (flowers can be moved along the tape) woven into the hair. The end of the spit is attached to the elastic band.


We need: organza ribbon 2 cm wide, organza ribbon width of 1 cm – 75 cm, scissors, tweezers, fire, felt, needle, thread, elastic 10 cm, clip-clip, Satin ribbon 1 cm wide – 6 cm, pencil, beads, glue gun.

Getting Started with petals. I have to say, in confidence, one of my flower has 28 petals. Total of 5. And that – 140 petals. Cut off from our tape 2 cm wide 140 segments 5 cm.

I decided that in my flowered will be more yellow. Bend the right corner, about a little behind the centre, this …


Left corner to put the right overlap, about 0.5 cm.


Now fold the bottom corners, just splice: Right …


and left. All petals are doing in one sequence. Do not be afraid to experiment. “Find” your petal.


Intercept and align the bottom edge.


Take the bottom petal on tweezers:


and process the flame. Since a lot more convenient to use the petals candles. Do not worry if your petals are different. In the end it will work seamlessly.


Our petals are ready. What a beauty!


For the basics of flowers take the felt. Prepare immediately 5 circles with a diameter of 2.5 cm and 5 yellow – 3cm. Colour small circles can be anything. And if you’re with glue gun on you, you can take the circles of the same size of 2.5 cm. I’m a bit to simplify the task for those who will do it for the first time.


Begins to collect our flowers. The first series consists of six petals.


Second row: sew the petals in a checker board pattern on the first row.


The third row consists of 8 petals. Each subsequent petal covers 1/2 of the previous part. First lerestok sewn to the left there … At the end of the series, the eighth petal plant near the right edge of the 1st petal. A number of additional anchoring stitches.


The fourth series also consists of 8 petals. Each subsequent tab closes the previous 2/3. Sew as well as the third row.


Here is what you should get.


Midway prepare for our flowers. Polubusiny glue on the felt (I glue “second”) and coated beads.


Glue our midway


Take our billet pins and glued to her our tape 1 cm wide … Free edge ribbon handle flame.


Connects with the flower.


First flowered took his place.


Prepare our next three florets. Be marked on our remaining three blanks … cut length of 0.8 cm.


And cuts on the mark-up. Here’s what you should have.


Apply glue around the circumference


and connects with the flower. Collar should be free.


We put our flowers on the ribbon. If you raise the bow for hair clips


Here are my favourite flip side!


Work is done! I want to say that the bow can be worn not only in the summer. He thrives under the cap. Such bows we wear all year round.


Thank you! Until next time!

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