How to make box of tissues and CD-rom


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How to make box of tissues and CD-rom

We need two drives, you see them in the photo, scissors, fabric (I have this fleece), threads, padding polyester, ribbons for decoration and a hot gun in box of tissues

box of tissues

We need to cut two circles, one larger in diameter to 9cm. than the disc, and the second is the same size as a disc. This will be the front side of the lid and the box.

box of tissues

Plus we cut two more circles, one just to 9 cm. larger in diameter than the disk, and the second is to 1 cm. larger in diameter than the disk. This will be the inner side of the box and lid.


As a result, we will have two identical large circle and two small one of which diameter is larger than 1 cm. another.


Then take a large circle which should be the front side of the box, and we find the middle, and then rascherchivaem on the inside, dividing into equal intervals. In the photo you can see a good guess))


Here I will show you what kind of circle


Now we add our great inner circles of the parties to each other, the terms of which are lined we put down to the picture I think it is clear, and we place the center of the disk. Received between the drive wheels.


Then sizing in a circle, at the edge of the disc, as shown in the photo. Photos cloudy happened was awkward and glue and photograph


That’s the way all the glue in a circle, leaving a small hole is sealed.


Here I show the hole left)


In this opening encounter sintepon as shown, so that our inner bottom of the box will be soft and convex. once stuffed, glue and this remains a hole.


That is the result that we get.


Now we proceed to the bonding of our rays we raschertili at the very beginning, thus smearing glue on the strip of glue evenly all the rays.


As a result, we will turn here are pockets around the circle.


Stuffed our pockets with synthetic padding


After all stuffed pockets, begin to sew the fabric together, fine needle stitches forward while pulling the rim.


In the end, after we we contract all around, we would get here so that’s casket)


Take the circle that was 1 cm. larger in diameter than the disk. And putting the disc on it, begin to glue the edges, wrapping them. I pictured clear how


That is what we would get.


Next we impose our second circle, as shown in the picture and begin to stick around the edge, leaving just a small opening not glued.


The hole is not sealed sintepon shove, so our top lid is convex and soft)) After nabёm synthetic padding, the hole sealed.


That is what eventually happens is the top, the front side of the cover.


This inner, lower side of the lid.


Well, here’s all))) It remains to decorate our cap)) What I’m doing in this picture))


I decorate the cap are two rows of frills)) and pasted in the middle of pompoms


That’s the beauty



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