Box for paper,pencil and glasses

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For pen and pencil


Box for paper


And here you can put glasses or something else


This container I took as a basis.


I measured out the height of the jars that I need, cut off the top (with scissors), and then cut in half vertically. However, the bottom of a large pair of scissors banks have not taken, had to be cut with a hot knife.


Cut out the cardboard back wall of the future box height of cardboard to make 1 to 1.5 cm greater than the height box. Equate the top edge and glue the bottom of the carton to box. In the photo clearly shows a black band – is the glue. I glued with hot glue (you can use the other).


Next take the paper (do not toilet), you can use old magazines, pasted over the sidewall, The most important thing – to combine the verge box and wall (cardboard). The cut paper need not be applied to the edges, it is desirable that sections of the paper were at the rear. Need to do 2-3 layers, because we only need to fix the joints between the front and rear parts.


The bottom can be covered with crumpled napkins or toilet paper. I turn over the upper edge of the skin, so that in time it does not exfoliate not frayed.


Oh, and then the process of decorating. For this we need:
1. Napkins.
2. Halves peas.
3. PVA glue.
4. Brush.
5. Pencil (or wooden stick).
6. Paint (color: black and gold).
7. Lac – Spray.
8. Decorative ribbon golden.
Napkin rvёm to tidy pieces in two sizes: approximately 2.5 cm and 1 cm in diameter


It is very important that the surface, which we decorate, was smooth, otherwise nothing happens. At first I tried to decorate on paper from a magazine, turned bad. Had varnish, and then stick a napkin. Smear with glue a small area (the size of a little more than a large piece)


In the middle of the first missed surface we place a small circle.


Then on top of a large. Smooth the edge of it slightly (only slightly !!!)


In the center put the pencil vertically (I have a wooden stick). Clutching a pencil, turn it clockwise. Pencil turning, pulling a napkin and make beautiful folds.


Carefully remove the pencil


The place where there was a pencil, coat with glue and put back half a pea.
Formed folds top coat with glue.


Thus, the circle of the circle, cover the entire surface


To dry


When dries, cover with black paint.


The most enjoyable moment – this cover with gold paint when all the texture begins to show up and play.


Last step: varnishing, gluing decorative ribbon and a magnet on the back wall.


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