Boxes with roses origami

Boxes with roses origami

Boxes with roses origami


1. First, prepare a box. We need 2 squares of any size with the expectation that the lid of the square should be greater than 0.8 cm.
2. Bend the square diagonally and along the midline of the parties. Fold the corner to the point of intersection of the lines, then Fold the bottom edge to the middle line.
3. Expand. Repeat 2 of every angle.
4. In the center we have formed a square contour. Take scissors and cut on both sides of the two lines to the central square.


5. The lid of the box is almost ready, it remains only to fold Fold the sides twice.
6. Top and bottom cover with the joints sides converging glue inside the triangle.
7. In the same way we do, and the second part of the box.
8. Making roses to decorate the top. For one small roses need a square with sides 4-5 cm.
9. Bend the square diagonally, flip, bend in half the average party lines.


10. Fold lines diagonally flexes inward, we get square with the bottom of the dropdown. Undisclosed upper located in the upper left corner.
11. Our aim to combine the upper and lower outer link member portion. Fold the leaf up, good flex line and let go. Without turning the square, raising up the lower-left triangle, then omit the upper right triangle, located on the reverse side.
12. Repeat three times to claim 11 to form a fold in the midline of the four sides of the figure.


13. Drop-down bottom of the table or drop the hand, slightly straightened, get the fan. Tweezers firmly seize the midst of and in the course of movement of the fan cranking paper 2-3. Go.
14. Tweezers turn down the corners of our roses. You can once again tighten the middle for better fixation cusp push inward or cut off.

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15. In order to make jewelry boxes 3-5 pitch with leaves. Leaves cut out of paper folded in half, which is then put on the edge of the railway line and impacts. We attach a leaf shape, lightly stretched. Fix the roses with hot glue (or Dragon), glue the ribbon and hearts exclusive gift box ready!

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