Brad and stars handmade for decorating the christmas tree

Brad and stars handmade for decorating the christmas tree

For the winter holidays come closer, it’s time to start rounding up the ornaments with which we adorn the christmas tree. Today I propose a DIY project interesting and easy: stars and fir handmade decorative thread and glue on.

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Are very beautiful globes of glass or plastic, not deny. But I think a set of ornaments handmade, unique gives a tree a touch of charm and satisfaction you receive the moment that hung in the branches of the Christmas tree some ornaments made with your hand, deserves a little effort you need it was made to do them. And as the weather outside is not conducive for walking Taman, and the days are getting shorter, you can dedicate one of these evenings to perform several such small handmade decorations.
Materials and tools needed:
– A piece of polystyrene, extruded packaging to an appliance or see vendors polystyrene used in packaging meat sold in supermarkets;
– patterns in star shape, fir or circle;
– a set of toothpicks;
– glue diluted with water;
– a brush;
– thread crochet, knitting or hemp rope (if you want to get some rustic flavor ornaments)
– optional: sequins, beads, glitter etc.

How is this handmade decorative ornaments for the Christmas tree
After determining patterns shaped fir, star or circle on the piece of polystyrene (I used a piece of styrofoam) using toothpicks, as you can see in the video below, step aside templates, repeating until getting number ornaments wanted.
Pour glue diluted with water in a bowl where you put the floss or string dipped in handmade decorations that you want to manufacture. Then, using rope dipped in glue traces well the accounts of each figurine, filling every form continuing with the same rope. Umeda is, string or thread will be very easy to handle, so you will not take the time to draw some loops, circles or popcorn inside the fir tree and the stars.

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After you finish with string, you can leave the ornaments to dry or you can go to their decoration with sequins, beads or glitter, as I did. Until completely dry decorations handmade Christmas tree must undergo 12 hours, if you place the piece of Styrofoam near a radiator or other heat sources, but it’s good to know you can dry ornaments and using a hair dryer, provided that they be adorned with sequins or other wonders of this kind: the flair of a hair dryer quickly scatter any trace of sequins, beads or glitter on the surface of the Christmas tree and the stars. But how’s enough time before Christmas, I think you can have patience until the next day, when the ornaments will be dry by itself without any additional help.


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